cora loves: a day in the life

1. tried a new coffee flavor- blackberry cobbler. it was pretty yummy but i still prefer my regular old stuff. boring? maybe. but coffee is not to be messed with : )

2. began reading a proper pursuit. i’m trying to read a better variety of books. this one takes place in the 1800’s so it’s definitely something different for me

3. stressed about after college…what to do, where to go, all those big decisions are sneaking up so fast!

4. baked cheese danish courtesy of a pinterest recipe. make it for yourself here. it is delicious

5. live bluegrass music at camino bakery.  one of my favorite spots in downtown winston for sure

6. started my yoga altered journal. i was inspired by some journals i saw in a gallery last friday night. hopefully i can keep this one up

7. daydreamed about the bakery i’ve always wanted to open. one day…

8. learned starships by nicki minaj on ukulele. nothing sounds more happy than my uke. perfect to lighten up a rainy day!

9. bought mens dress shirts from goodwill for pajamas. there’s just something about curling up to sleep in a big cozy shirt

10. obsessed with say yes to the dress. seriously can’t get enough. it’s pathetic

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