cora loves: non fiction books

1. eat pray love

2. geography of bliss

3. in defense of food

4. waiter rant

5. animal, vegetable, miracle

6. under the tuscan sun

7. pour your heart into it

8. the lost girls

9. lunch in paris

10. bon courage

i’ve been on a non-fiction reading kick lately and if you can’t tell from the above list, i’m a little bit obsessed with  food and travel. and romantic stories about americans who move to france and fall in love : ) but my absolute hands-down, wish-it-hadn’t-ended, favorite book is eat pray love by elizabeth gilbert. i mean this woman dropped everything to travel the world to find good food, hot men, and her spiritual self. that’s kind of my definition of heaven. and in all seriousness, her experiences have inspired me so much. i hope one day i’ll be able to make my own eat pray love adventure!

One thought on “cora loves: non fiction books

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