cora loves: being vegetarian

1. make more food available to those who need it. all of the grain that goes towards feeding livestock could be feeding the millions of starving people worldwide.

2. help the environment. a vegetarian can live on half an acre a day vs. the average meat-eater who requires 4 acres.

3. save money! produce is so much cheaper than meat. and that really matters to people like me aka broke,  i-waste-my-money-on-stupid-things, college students

4. experiment with new stuff. when you can’t rely on basic meat dishes, it forces you to get out and try different fruits and veggies and grains.

5. fit in with other hipsters. ok this one is a joke. but seriously…

6. growing grains and vegetables takes significantly less water than raising cattle. at a time when people are increasingly concerned about the supply of fresh water, this is super important.

7. ethical considerations. if you believe in karma or the common belief that killing living things is bad, you might realize that raising animals in poor conditions only to slaughter them is inhumane. i don’t know too much about animal cruelty issues but there is something to be said for fighting it.

8. you can get ALL your nutrients! people always freak out about getting protein as a vegetarian but it is completely possible, not to mention easy. most don’t realize how much protein you can get from different legumes and grains.

9. better health. i know this is very controversial but going veg can be good for your health! at least for me, i feel tons better & it’s really forced me to be creative with healthy foods and break out of my old eating habits.

10. one word. falafel. so yummy

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