cora loves: maxi skirts

i am a tad bit obsessed with maxi skirts these days. they’re so comfortable…even more so than sweats! ok, that might be pushing it but the benefit of a maxi skirt over sweats is that they make you look effortlessly chic and bohemian. sorry girls, those cuffed sweatpants with your old sorority t-shirt are fine for studying in the library but they won’t cut it in the real world, no matter how cute your hair looks! but back to the point, maxi skirts are great for any occasion- they can be for date night with heels and a sparkly top, or for strolling downtown with a cute crop top and a bunch of bangles, or for cool late summer evenings with a simple tee and colorful cardigan. they add such character to an outfit in a way that regular old mini skirts don’t. and it’s nice to switch it up from time to time!

here are ten lovely fashion bloggers rocking maxi skirts in the cutest ways. so get inspired, get dressed, and get out there looking all trendy and gorg  : )

1. oh so pretty, the diaries

2. barefoot blonde

3. kendi everyday 

4.  always maylee 

5. the daybook blog 

6. gal meets glam 

7. shannon hearts

8. love maegan

9. clothed much 

10. 101 fashion street 


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