cora loves: cute hairstyles for the beach

with our annual family vacation to the beautiful outer banks only a day away (!!!!), it’s time to start dreaming of balmy evenings with my guitar, scoping out the cute neighbors, & effortless beachy hair. riiiiiight. i’m not sure why but i was not blessed with hair that looks tousled and gorgeous after being in the ocean. mine turns into a weird half curly/half straight limp mess. the boys really love it… sarcasm. so this year i’ve decided to do a little research pre-vacation so i can be prepared for post-swim hair. my goal: find hairstyles that are easy and quick and perfect for wet hair. hairstyles that might make that cute 20-something guy realize that i’m a potentially attractive girl walking down the beach, not a creepy drowned rat.

here’s what i found & am looking forward to trying out next week. less than 48 hours til i say bye-bye work & winston-salem and hellooooo obx!

fishtail || topknots || headscarf || braided knot || waterfall braid

what are your favorite beach styles?

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