cora loves: ways to wear something blue at your wedding

“are you honestly watching say yes to the dress AGAIN???” my mother rolls her eyes as she walks into the family room. i sink into the couch guiltily, caught in the act. i have an almost shameful addiction to wedding tv shows,  blogs, magazines, books, anything that discusses place settings, bouquets, and reception halls. it’s pretty bad, kids.

that being said, i like to secretly think of myself as a wedding guru (just ignore the small fact that i’ve never actually been to one). so of course i am very familiar with the whole “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” tradition. let’s say i’ve spent more than a few hours debating what i’m going to use as each piece for my own wedding. the something blue part is the most interesting, i think, and it’s the place you can get really fun and creative. so i’ve made a little list of cute ideas for incorporating something blue into your special day. enjoy, fellow i-do addicts!

sew a patch from your dad or grandpa’s old blue button down on your dress || link

TOMS has a whole wedding collection! how cute & comfy || link

a pretty ruffle underneath your dress || link

blue stitching in your dress… you could put the date of your wedding too! || link

this is just tooooo cute || link

and if you’re really feeling bold, why not go for a classy blue wedding dress? i don’t think i could do it but i have to say this j.crew dress is absolutely stunning!


4 thoughts on “cora loves: ways to wear something blue at your wedding

  1. No worries! I have such a shameful addiction to wedding shows and blogs myself. I love the ‘something blue’ concept. The J.Crew dress is really dreamy, but I don’t think I could do it either. I don’t think I’m modern enough to pull it off. I LOVE the idea of stitching in a saying or perhaps the wedding date. I think that’s really lovely!

    Also, I really like the space you have set up here and I wanted to genuinely thank you for your comment on my About Blog post recently! I’m so glad you could relate and I think you have an awesome start here!

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