cora loves: party bar ideas

remember when we were little kids and there was always the annual ice cream social at school? i used to LOVE that night. i’d go crazy…gobs of ice cream loaded down with pretty much every topping on the table, doused in gooey chocolate syrup, and covered in rainbow sprinkles. gosh i miss those days! the good news for us grown ups (yeah right) is that the ole ice cream social has grown up too! welcome to the generation of trendy party bars everywhere. i mean, have you searched that on pinterest??? don’t, it’s overwhelming. (or do, because like me, you love wasting hours mindlessly scrolling through pretty pictures of perfectly set bars).  here are some of my personal favorites — use them to liven up a party or as an excuse to invite over friends and eat yummy food 🙂

pancake bar

burrito bar

fro-yo bar

pizza bar

candy apple bar

oatmeal bar

cupcake bar

fruit pie bar

smoothie bar

trail mix bar

grilled cheese bar

have you seen any other fun party bar ideas? and have you tried any of these?

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