cora loves: blueberry recipes for every meal

ah blueberries, tiny little spheres of sweet yumminess. i could eat a carton of those in one sitting, easy. sadly, they’re usually a little expensive for my college student budget but, with the local famer’s market every saturday, i’ve been picking up some fresh blueberries for a good price weekly. YUM. while i’m content eating them straight from the box, it’s fun to switch it up occassionally and actually make a recipe with the little guys. here are some delicious recipes to use those blueberries… and yes, i was thoughtful enough to give you some for every meal of the day. you can thank me later when we meet in blueberry heaven : )


blueberry breakfast cake || recipe

blueberry breakfast rolls || recipe

blueberry syrup || recipe


grilled cashew butter & blueberry sandwich || recipe

blueberry corn salad || recipe

blueberry guacamole & turkey wrap || recipe


blueberry pie ice cream || recipe

blueberry oatmeal cream pies || recipe

blueberry lemon cheesecake bars || recipe

blueberry lemonade || recipe

what are your favorite blueberry recipes??


2 thoughts on “cora loves: blueberry recipes for every meal

  1. One: I LOVE blueberries. I could eat a whole carton by myself.
    Two: I love blueberry syrup for my pancakes! It’s really tasty if you add raspberries, too 🙂

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