cora loves: olympic theme party

i love the olympics as much as anyone but oh my goodness it can be overwhelming. so many sports and competitions and finals and semi-finals and athletes and events… AHHHH. i always feel like i’m going to miss some history-making thing when i’m not watching so i try to watch every night. although that is very difficult when you have no cable and the house wi-fi loses signal about every ten minutes. but still, i do love watching most of the events especially gymnastics and swimming (for completely different reasons i might add. ryan lochte is pretty yummy! : )

one of the best things about the olympics is that, unlike during the NFL season, all of your friends are rooting for the same team, the USA! so it’s the perfect excuse to throw a party for everyone to show their american spirit and for you to show your amazing party-planning skills. which you can flaunt with some of these adorable olympic theme decorations and food ideas. go invite your friends, turn on NBC, and cheer for our awesome american olympians! but please girls, remember i called dibs on mr. lochte : )

olympic torch cupcakes

ticket-style invitations!

olympic ring doughnuts… just buy regular glazed doughnuts and top with colored sprinkles

olympic torch popcorn bags

gold medal cookies

international flag cookies (or only make US ones : )

swimming pool cake

add lifesavers as “olympic rings” to any drink. so so cute!

and just a little something extra : )

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