cora loves: meghan johnson photography

meet meghan johnson, a seattle girl turned photographer living in richmond . she is one of my older sister’s best friends & when i saw that she is starting her own photography business, i knew i had to interview her for cora lea loves. her pictures are gorgeous and, based on my conversations with her & all she has done for my sister, she is one of the sweetest girls! read what she has to say in our little interview:

p.s. this beautiful girl in the picture below is my amazing big sister : )

how did you get into photography?

i have loved photography from an early age.  i had a blue fisher price camera when i was young before i moved on to a point and shoot.  i always was the one taking pictures of my family and when i turned 18 i got my first DSLR.  i continued to take pictures throughout college and became known for being the one to always take pictures of what we were doing.  i always thought it was just a hobby but realized recently that i have always wanted to take pictures full time.  i’ve taught myself to shoot in manual and am working to establish a business.

what are 3 things that inspire you?

i’m inspired by other photographers, family and friends, & the joy i get from people loving the photos i take of them.  jasmine star and katelyn james are two wedding photographers that i admire and aspire to be like.  they have both built incredible businesses and i have learned so much in reading their blogs.  my family and friends are so supportive and their encouragement and praise has helped me to be confident in my photos.  they also are great to use as models.  lastly, i’m always trying to learn and get better and i get inspired to keep going when people like my photos and are happy with the pictures i take of them.

what do you love about shooting weddings & engagements?

i think the best thing about wedding and engagement photography is the ability to capture a couple’s emotions at the most important stage of their lives so far.  it is so fun and inspiring to be around people in the happiest time of their lives.  i hope to focus on weddings and engagements more in the future.

describe your dream wedding.

i’m not someone who has planned out her wedding from the time i was young.  i dream about how special it will be to be surrounded by all the people most important to me at once and how exciting it will be to find the man i want to spend the rest of my life with.

what has been your favorite photography moment?

my favorite session that i’ve done was when i shot 3 of my friends about to graduate from college.  it was a time that was so exciting for them and i had so much fun getting to capture them in their last weeks together.

check out her work at her website & like her on facebook!

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